It is our utmost desire to lift up the prayer requests and praise reports from the Body of Christ, that God may be glorified. If you have a prayer request or praise report please fill out the form below.


Prayer List

  • Sunday 08/19

    Please pray for our youth. Pray that God will soften their hearts toward Him and strengthen their knowledge of His presence and love.

    Dear Lord I ask you to guide me now that I am found. I praise you and thank you and worship you. Lord you are Holy, Holy, Holy, I want to see you, and I want to feel you. Lord look over my mother and save her heart, soul, and mind.

    Continue to Pray for Richie as he undergoes cancer treatment. Pray for all of those who are dealing with cancer.

    Pray for Sherri as she recovers from her brain surgery. The surgery went well but, she will be in the hospital for at least one more week doing physical therapy.

    Please pray for Linda as she goes the Rehab

    Pray for Richard and Tiffany as they go through rehab.

    Please pray for my family.

    Pray for the church in Trujillo

    Pray for Israel

  • Sunday 08/12

    Please pray for my cousin Linda, she has started drinking again and is in rehab for the 3rd time. She needs Jesus.

    Pray for Sheri who goes in on Monday 8/13 to have a tumor removed from the base of her brain. Pray for steady hands and that there is no cancer.

    Please pray for Michelle who lost her house in the fires and she has stage 4 brain cancer.Pray the Lord would heal her, but mostly that He would draw her and her family closer to Him.

    Pray for Richie who is going through cancer treatment.

    Pray Emily, Maria, Robert Sr., Vladimir, Robert Jr., and Oksana and her family would have joy in the Lord. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and bringing Sergei into Your kingdom. I pray for more trust in the Lord and less of our own ways.

    Praise Report: Rhonda is feeling better. Whatever it was has stopped. Thanks for the prayers.

    Please pray for Ron, Marge, Ruth, Amy, Lorie, Karen, Richard, Audrey and all the unbelievers; Pray that God will soften all of their hearts to salvation.

    Please pray for Megan who has made a decision to enter into a Christian bible based treatment program for 10 months. She has fled abuse homelessness, and addiction, pray she will completely surrender and her eyes would be opened to our Lords love for her.

    Pray for healing from Lyme disease. Pray for direction where to serve as a doctor.

    Pray for the Fort Bragg Police Department.

    Pray for the church in Trujillo.

    Pray for the persecuted church.

    Pray for Israel.

  • Pray for Helen

    Please pray for Helen, who has metastasized breast cancer. May God comfort & heal her. Should He decide to use physicians to do His will, may they have skill, clarity, & wisdom. Through it all, may God be glorified.

  • Sunday 08/05

    Pray for health and blessings for Maria, Emily, Vladimir, Robert Sr. & Jr. Pray Sergei would come to the Lord and that his family would become one unity loving each other. Pray for Vania for the next month while she is in a military training camp. Pray for a good nights sleep for Maria and Emily.

    Pray for healing for Lenore.

    Pray for Ricky as he goes through his cancer treatment.

    Pray for Anthony and Lisa.

    Pray for Judy who has dementia and for her husband Lee's salvation. Pray for this church and pray for Pastor Kevin and Dan for strength wisdom and protection for Satan.

    Pray for everyone being impacted by the fires.

    Continue to pray for Sherry as she awaits results of her sinus surgery to see if they got all the cancer and prepares for surgery to remove a tumor at the base of her brain on Monday Aug 13th.

    Pray for our missionaries Cory and Danielle in Trujillo.

    Pray for the persecuted church.

    Pray for Israel.

  • Carr Fire

    Please pray for all those affected by the Carr fire in the Redding area. Pray for the safety of the Fire fighters.

  • Carr Fire

    Please pray for all those affected by the Carr fire in the Redding area. Pray for the safety of the Fire fighters.

  • Cenikor

    Pray for the residence complete healing of their addictions, restoration of their families, and for them to live for Jesus all of their days.


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